Madrid is Melancholy

Madrid is Melancholy
A Spaceship on Rocky Ground

Tuesday, November 11

Can Obama Pull Off a Historic Presidential Double Play?

On the phone with Mickey Kawai, the background noise from her end spoke in many voices urgent and oscillating. With my eyes closed the scene through the receiver became a whaling ship at sea, and Mickey Kawai became a captain both crazed with the possibility of a kill (that being a seamless process) and sane as thick concrete surrounding nuclear fission in progress (that being the possibility the process would fly apart).

However, her voice told me she was holding it all together " the chaotic operations of a county elections office the day before our biggest election day in recent history and the amped regular citizens eager to participate in her domain. At the same time there was an underlying threat of a Chernobyl-sized mishap hanging in the air, as much on my end as hers, congealing the entire county.

Unlike the mangers of the Chernobyl nuclear-plant in north-central Ukraine, Mickey Kawai managed to keep her office fuel elements (every participant) cool enough to avoid a meltdown, at least as long as we were on the phone.

Before I disconnected, she had convinced me to come in with my video camera the following day for the big event. To observe. To participate.

Early on that day, November 4, I had to work my "real" job from 8 to 1, and then bolted straight to the elections office " camera and tripod in hand. My good friend and fellow interloper, Mr. Waldow, met me on the way.
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