Madrid is Melancholy

Madrid is Melancholy
A Spaceship on Rocky Ground

Tuesday, April 12

Nose to Toes

can't see passed her 
nose tip, 
unless it's to her own 
toe dip.

Petty pedi-
cure, and 
manipulative mani-
take hours ...
don't you know?

History is mystery 
when you can't pick 
Captain Cook 
from Captain Hook 
or Dustin Hoffman 
in a line up.

What Greek and Roman

Weren't those busted 
on that TV show?

Future is hair did, 
monthly, and 
new chances to tell 
work stories 

Past is never seen again 
in its original form, 
just reshaped by her 
constantly changing 
delusions of self 
in comparison to 
the world revolving 
around her.

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